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ConnectHear interprets at the Gender Diversity Awards 2022 by The Pakistan Business Council

The Pakistan Business Council (PBC) has been working with IFC - International Finance Corporation to support firms in implementing Gender Diversity policies.

Women's labor participation rate in Pakistan is just 21 percent compared to 78 percent for men. Women face a number of barriers to succeeding in the workplace, from societal biases to structural challenges, such as access to safe transport and childcare. The country could increase its GDP by an estimated 30 percent of women contributed equally economically, according to an IMF study.

In tandem with the awards, the Pakistan Business Council and IFC produced a guide for companies on how to effectively develop and disclose gender diversity policies in line with the awards' principles.

Our joint Employer of Choice for Gender Diversity Awards 2022 celebrates companies that have not only implemented such policies, but also proactively communicate about them through their annual reports, websites, and social media—to encourage others to do the same.

The awards aim to recognize firms that have not only implemented strong gender diversity policies, but also communicate them—in annual reports, websites, or through social media—to encourage others to do the same. Daraz PK received the highest score using the scorecard developed by IFC and the Pakistan Business Council.

Daraz, Pakistan's biggest online marketplace, was announced today as the winner of the Employer of Choice for Gender Diversity Awards, organized jointly by IFC and the Pakistan Business Council to improve economic opportunities for women.

Second and third place was awarded to K-Electric and Engro Fertilizers Ltd, respectively, while seven companies received honorable mention awards. They are Nestle Pakistan Ltd, Engro Vopak & Elengy Terminals; Engro Polymer & Chemicals; Pepsico; MG Apparel; Telenor Pakistan; and English Biscuit Manufacturers.

Watch the full ceremony here.

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