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Our purpose

Why we started?

Have you ever interacted with a Deaf person in your surroundings? I bet you wondered how do they survive in a world without the ability to hear. In Pakistan, more than 10 Million people have some level of hearing loss and they are still discriminated against. 

Our CEO, Azima Dhanjee, is a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA). Growing up, she was the interpreter for her parents at all instances and her unavailability led to her parents’ missing out on opportunities. It always bothered her to witness her parents’ not being able to communicate independently. This became the motivation behind starting ConnectHear.

ConnectHear is focused on providing professional sign language interpretation services through video-based and in-person mediums. Our mission is to give the Deaf individuals of Pakistan the tools they need to make communication accessible to them, allowing them to be truly independent.

Within the course of our establishment, ConnectHear has achieved many milestones. Our initiatives have sequentially opened up a gateway for us to connect with hearing individuals and organisations involved with social advocacy and inclusion of undermined communities.

Join our mission today and together, let’s make Pakistan inclusive for the Deaf.




Our Team

Our team
Azima Cropped.jpg

Azima Dhanjee



Syed Talal Ali

Production and Content Manager


Yawer Mustafa

Junior Production Manager


Arhum Ishtiaq



Aliya Afzal

Lead Sign Language Interpreter and Trainer


Eman Ahsan

Sign Language Trainer - Karachi

Accessibility Allies

Our Partners


Our Achievements

Media Mentions

Media Mentions
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