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What is Pakistani Sign Language?


Pakistani Sign Language (PSL) is a visual language used by the Deaf and hard of hearing community in Pakistan. Facial expressions, body movements and shape, placement and movement of the hands are all an important part of communication in PSL.


Who is a Pakistani Sign Language interpreter?


A Pakistani Sign Language interpreter is a hearing person with command over Pakistani Sign Language, spoken Urdu and English language. A PSL interpreter is trained to translate between a signed and a spoken language. The interpreter converts spoken to sign for a deaf person and sign to spoken for a hearing person when a part of a conversation.


How can Deaf people be a part of my organization?


In Pakistan, 5% of the population has hearing loss. It is important to include them in your organization. Hire interpreters, train your staff in Pakistani Sign Language and ensure that a Deaf individual is allowed to put forward his opinion. 

Why do you need Deaf Employees?


Please read this article.

Why do I need 2+ interpreters?


Sign Language Interpretation is a demanding task as it requires a human brain to process two languages at the same time along with the physical action. Adding all that together, an interpreter is using multiple processing channels and can become fatigued if not provided with a break. Team interpretation allows the interpreters to support each other and take turns after every 20 minutes. This allows efficiency in their work.


What information should I have ready while booking an interpreter?


To book an interpreter, click here.


In your introductory email we need to know:

  • Date, time and duration of the event.

  • Exact address of the event

  • Introduction of the organization/individual hiring

  • Nature of the event (Examples: Accessibility seminar with the Accessibility, teacher’s training, health and wellness conference etc)

  • Audience (What does everybody in the room have in common)


How far ahead should I book an interpreter?


We appreciate two weeks prior booking to ensure you receive the best option according to your preference. We also appreciate last minute bookings upon availability of interpreters.


How can I get my video content interpreted in Sign Language?


We focus on content accessibility and have great experience in quality video interpretation for your content. Kindly click here and fill out the form. We will contact you with the procedure.

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