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Changing the game – Pakistan’s first ever Deaf MUN

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

A 3-day conference where delegates simulate UN (United Nations) committees while representing the policies of their countries, negotiating resolutions and passing motions, Model United Nations (MUN) provides individuals an opportunity to exercise their debating skills and learn more about world issues.

In the spirit of throats that learned how not to silence and voices that learned to make thunder out of quiet, ConnectHear collaborated with the Rotary Club of Pakistan, to bring an end to the previously conventional methods of debating and introduced the first MUN that caters to the Deaf ROTMUN.

Limited hearing shouldn’t be an obstacle that hinders anyone’s right to voice their opinions and debate about it. For this reason and more, ROTMUN 2018 hosted a committee with delegates that belonged to the Deaf community at the IBA, City Campus. Each of these delegates fully and enthusiastically participated in the MUN, debating in sign language with the assistance of interpreters provided by ConnectHear.

In addition to that, each delegate was facilitated during training sessions by their own expert trainers where they were also briefed on the Model United Nations rules and procedures.

Presenting Pakistan’s First Ever Deaf Council

An entire committee based on the problems faced by the Deaf community was divided by delegating each participant a governmental position. This committee moderated practical solutions for the problems the deaf experience on a regular basis. The outcome of the event was bringing to light key issues, including the lack of educational and social support, lack of interpretation services, and lack of access in civic and political processes.

ROTMUN gave the genuine demands of Deaf people to a non-discriminatory, inclusive society, and a voice and platform for them to actively engage themselves to advocate for their rights. The first ever MUN to have been organised for the deaf, it was a deeply enriching experience for the participants and an opportunity for them to be excellent debaters of the future.

For too long, Deaf people have suffered at the hands of the stigma of disability and prejudice. With ROTMUN, we made accessible for them the same activities that earlier only the hearing enjoyed. Fostering a spirit of universal cooperation and international diplomacy, delegates of the committee engaged in constructive debate and collaboration regarding global issues, including but not limited to the economy and poverty.

In the mainstream society of Pakistan, ROTMUN 2018 was an all-inclusive opportunity to talk, listen, debate and thrive.

We hope to continue organising similar endeavours and contribute positively to the professional and skill development of the deaf in an educational and enjoyable environment.

Continue watching an entire summary of the entire event here.

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