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Escapistan – Survive the night

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Are you looking to spend your weekend productively or perhaps playing a game that’s challenging, fun-filled, mind boggling but heavy on inclusivity and caters to marginalised groups? Because we got you.

Escapistan, in collaboration with ConnectHear, gives you the chance to unravel a mystery through clues, riddles, brain teasers – one chance, one hour and one mission: for you to save your friend from eternal damnation.

This upstart, team-based activity involves you to examine a problem through hints that we have made accessible for the Deaf through visual cues interpreted in sign language. An escape from your everyday life, this first-ever escape room simulation to have been brought to Karachi involves a horror scenario named “Soul Flask”. Just you and your team of 5 in a room - trapped and trying to escape from an evil witch to save your friend’s soul which he sold for an eternal life. All you need to do to save him is to solve a bunch of puzzles - you have 60 minutes and the clock is ticking.

Honestly, sounded like a piece of cake to me too but spoiler alert: it’s really not.

This isn’t an easy as escaping from your brown mom’s emotional blackmail – it’s an immersive game of escapism and adventure that forces you to focus, think and use the last of your remaining brain cells. An opportunity for you to be a part of an exciting story-line, to make friends and to immerse yourself in something other than your everyday experience. A game based on collaboration, not competition; it will challenge you, frustrate you, leave you slightly breathless but more energised and satisfied than ever. Here’s some free advice: communicate well with your teammates.

For a city that claims to have a nightlife with a lot of entertainment to go around, the Deaf community here has often found fun activities to be socially challenging but with Escapistan, we are combatting this view. With this collaboration, we are recreating recreation for this part of the community.

Of locked rooms, ticking time, racing hearts, and adrenaline surges: we bring to you a chance for you to go above and beyond to challenge yourself with this fun-filled activity.

Looking for an adventure? What are you waiting for? Divide and conquer – join us on Saturday and make a booking through our page or

The real question is: Are you game? Do you dare?

Your story of mystery, thrill, and suspense begins now!

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